Iponics Japan can take care of every aspect of creating a Japanese-language project for you - from initial advice and ideas to the eventual marketing of the site within Japan once it is online.


With every new client, we start off by giving advice on all the issues related to the proposed project.  We will advise on how your product or service might best be presented to the Japanese user, and present design and content ideas.

Language and Cultural considerations

When creating a website in a foreign language, it is extremely important that quality content is presented in an understandable and attractive manner to the target audience.  A straight translation from English into Japanese will often come across as unnatural when read by a Japanese native, and cultural considerations also need to be considered.  As such, professional translation and modification of content is highly recommended in order for the site to read completely naturally to it's intended audience.  


An attractive design is important to create good first impressions and encourage the user to notice your website and find out more about your business.  Our professional designers can offer anything from simple but attractive designs to spectacular graphically-intensive websites.  To see some samples of our original design work, please click here to go to our "Clients" page.  

Hosting & Support

Iponics Japan is able to host your website on our reliable servers as well as assisting in acquiring domain names and setting up websites.  We can also offer various support packages depending on requirements.


We have extensive experience in the successful marketing of our own portal website, SnowJapan.Com. We have also been involved in the marketing of websites within Japan that we have created for our clients.  Until now, this has involved promotions in newspapers, magazines, radio interviews, present giveaways, exhibitions, creating of press releases and more.  

Please feel free to ask for more details about our services.  Contact details can be found here.