Iponics Japan is a web design and marketing company based in Japan, but with very close ties with the UK.  

Strong UK links
Fully bilingual (and bicultural)
Communication in English
Extensive tourism-related website design and marketing experience

About us

Iponics Japan was formed in 2000 as part of the UK-funded Iponics Group, and the Managing Director of the company - Andrew Lea - comes from the north-west region of England.  With various clients in the UK and frequent visits to the UK, we aim to introduce the UK as a destination to the Japanese market in the coming years.

We are based in the mountainous region of Niigata Prefecture in Japan and have highly-trained bilingual UK and Japanese native staff working for us, as well as being able to use the teams and resources of other Iponics companies.

We offer a complete service that can look after all aspects of a website project - from initial advice and ideas, professional design and translation services to the marketing websites within Japan once online.  

Over the last few years we have specialized in creating sites with a tourism and travel them.  Samples of our work can be found here.

Contact information can be found here.

Years of experience marketing our own bilingual portal site

We not only have four years of experience in creating website projects for clients, but we also operate, manage and market our own portal website called SnowJapan.Com (www.snowjapan.com).  SnowJapan.Com is a very popular bilingual winter-sports website that attracts over 5000 unique user sessions daily in the winter sports season.  We have successfully promoted and marketed the website to both the foreign community in Japan and Japanese skiers and snowboarders.  We bring that marketing knowledge to our other projects.