The costs involved in the production of a website vary, depending on the specifications and requirements of the project.  A simple, attractive website could cost less than 1000, however we also handle many large and complex projects and for these we give guaranteed quotes based on your requirements.  

Iponics Japan is able to advise on the most cost-effective way to go about meeting your goals, and will offer a very competitive quotation for your proposed project.  By giving us an idea - however brief - of your basic requirements, we will promptly get back to you with an initial idea of estimated costs, as well as ideas and advice on how to proceed.  

Even if you don't yet have any concrete ideas - but are just interested in attracting more Japanese visitors - please contact us and we will get back to you with our ideas.

Details of how to contact us can be found here - you will more than likely hear back from us within one day.

Although we are based in Japan, we do like to work very closely with our clients and place a great importance on providing the highest levels of prompt service and support .  We encourage you to contact us and experience that level of support.

There are many factors involved in a website that affect the cost of the project.  The main factors are outlined below.

Initial design and programming

Before we begin a project, we discuss ideas and concepts with a client in detail in order to get an idea of the "image" that is wanted to be portrayed.  Based on these initial outlines, we then develop the ideas within a Japanese context, and submit initial design samples and ideas.  After several stages of fine-tuning design ideas, and a final design is agreed upon, we then proceed to the programming of the website.  


For a website to be effective, and to give the target audience the right impression, a good translation is of great importance.  We use professional native (Japanese) translators, and make sure that the content and tone of the final Japanese content is well-suited to the objectives of the project.  Professional translation is charged on a per word basis.

Hosting / updates / support

Once a website has been created, in order for it to be visible to users on the internet, it must be "hosted" on a server that is connected to the internet 24 hours a day.   This involves a monthly cost.  Iponics Japan is able to provide hosting and support services as required.


Once the site is online and available for viewing by anyone via the internet, some simple initial is recommended in order to bring the site to the target audiences attention.  At no extra charge we will add page titles and keywords into each page of the websites that we create, and once the site is online we will submit the site to the main free of charge search engines (eg Google).  

We are also able to undertake further services on behalf of clients - ranging from extra search engine work to working with PR on a project.

Please ask for more details.