Over the last few years, we have worked with many clients on their web projects.  As can be seen from some of the samples of our work below, we have undertaken a large number of travel/tourism related websites for travel organizations, hotels and ski resorts both in Japan and the UK.  Our most recent large-scale UK projects are the official Japanese-language site for Cheshire County Council and the Japanese version of "Visit Liverpool", both of which were launched in September 2004.

The samples on this page range from simple functional sites to more complex, database-driven interactive sites.  

On this page:
Current Projects
Our own bilingual websites, SnowJapan.Com and Iponics Japan
Japanese language websites
English websites for Japanese companies
Iponics projects

  In order to properly view Japanese-language sites, your computer must have the ability to display Japanese fonts.  If you do not have this facility installed, the Japanese-language sites may not display correctly on your computer - this is not a design flaw.  (If you wish to install Japanese fonts on your computer, you can do so using free Microsoft software - more information can be found here.)
  We have provided links to most of the online projects below.  However, please note that sites may have been modified and content added/edited by the client since the project initially went online.

Recently Completed Projects (including Cheshire County Council & Visit Liverpool)

Cheshire County Council
Iponics Japan has recently developed a large Japanese-language website project on behalf of Cheshire County Council.   The site will officially launched in September 2004.

After an initial Flash animation intro, there are two main sites - Tourism and Business.  

Over the coming months, Iponics Japan will be involved in the marketing of the new site within Japan in an effort to increase the number of Japanese tourists visiting this popular region of England.


Tourism site

Flash animation intro

Iponics Japan has recently developed a large Japanese-language website project on behalf of The Mersey Partnership - VisitLiverpool.jp.

The site was officially launched in September 2004.


South African Embassy, Japan
A new site created for the Science and Technology section of the South African Embassy in Tokyo
NASPA Ski Garden


This recently launched website compliments the main NASPA New Otani Resort website that Iponics Japan previously developed (see below).

NASPA Ski Garden is a popular ski resort in Yuzawa Town, Niigata Prefecture and is part of the New Otani Group of hotels and resorts.  Over recent years, the resort has become popular with the foreign community living in Japan.

This site is not currently online. 
GoShizuoka is a new portal site for Shizuoka (a large city near Mount Fuji) and will bring a wealth of information to users - from news of events to entertainment, concerts, restaurants, sports and more.  

Most of the site is run by a database and has an easy-to-use online administration function.

The site is due to launch summer 2004.

Neko Computing
This site - due to launch soon - offers online shopping for a range of desktop and notebook computers and PC accessories.

Our own bilingual sites - SnowJapan.Com & Iponics Japan

First online in July 1999, SnowJapan.Com is owned, operated and marketed by Iponics Japan.  The popular and highly interactive site is continuously being develop, and has been featured in many magazines and newspapers both in and outside of Japan.  It has benefited from positive word-of-mouth and having an excellent reputation.   

The peak of the 2003/2004 winter season in Japan saw the site attracting a daily average of over 5000 users.  The site has also brought excellent results to the companies who advertise. 

A Japanese-language version of SnowJapan.Com was launched in November 2002.

Iponics Japan
Our own Iponics Japan bilingual corporate website.

Japanese-language websites 

Cheshire County Council
See above
NASPA New Otani Resort
NASPA is a luxury resort located in the Niigata mountains, just 70 minutes north of Tokyo.  The resort is part of the highly reputable New Otani Group of hotels.  

Iponics has developed both their English and Japanese websites, as well as advised on the marketing of the resort to the ex-pat community in Japan.

We are also currently developing a new ski resort website for NASPA (details here.)

Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa


A popular traditional Japanese-style hotel located in Yuzawa Town, Niigata Prefecture.  

This site has both Japanese and English pages.

Lady Diana & St Georges Hotel
Click here
This hotel is located in one of the most popular ski and snowboard regions of Japan - Hakuba.
JFS is a Tokyo-based consulting company, specializing in risk management for financial institutions. They are also engaged in consulting for the overseas branches of city banks and overseas financial institutions.  Iponics developed their Japanese and English websites.
Lotas Daiwa
Lotas Daiwa is a car sales and repair company based in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.  Iponics Japan developed their Japanese website for them, and has also advised on how to effectively promote and market the site in the region.
Asahikan is a family-owned minshuku - a traditional Japanese-style accommodation.  The minshuku is located in Yuzawa Town, and very popular in winter with skiers and snowboarders.
Others including:

English websites for Japanese companies

ARAI Mountain & Spa
Iponics designed and programmed a complete, fully-functional English language website for the popular ARAI Mountain & Spa resort in Niigata Prefecture.  

Iponics also performed related programming work for the resort.

Yuzawa Town Official English site
Iponics Japan recently designed, developed and also maintains the official Yuzawa Town English website.  With Yuzawa being the location of our company, we are very pleased to be able to work closely with the town on this and other projects.

NASPA New Otani Resort
NASPA is a luxury resort 70 minutes north of Tokyo, and part of the highly reputable New Otani Group of hotels in Japan.  

Iponics has developed both their English and Japanese websites, as well as advised on the marketing of the resort to the ex-pat community in Japan.

We are also currently developing a new ski resort website for NASPA (details here.)

Nagaoka New Otani Hotel
New Otani is one of the largest and most prestigious hotel chains in Japan.

As well as developing the sites for the resort hotel, NASPA (see above), Iponics has also been involved in the development of the Nagaoka New Otani hotel website.


Independent Investment Partners
IIP is a Tokyo-based company who commissioned Iponics Japan to develop their online presence.



Iponics Projects

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